Neglected Work Horse Gets Excited When His Hooves Get Trimmed

The following story is about Shane who was a workhorse for the first part of his life. Not only did this lovely creature work all day, but he did through a tough life. Shane was determined to be exceedingly underweight for a horse of his size when he was rescued by Colby’s Crew Rescue.

He couldn’t walk properly because his hooves had grown too long. He had to tread on them delicately because they were characterized as “exactly like flippers.” This poor horse couldn’t even stand up. Thankfully, Colby’s Crew Rescue was able to save Shane from putting down as quickly as possible.

They found that the 10-year-old horse still had a lot of life in him; all they needed to do was mend his feet. This poor horse’s hooves were in such a critical shape that he could scarcely lift them. Picking one up to be groomed was excruciating. But he made it through his first trimester with flying colors.

The moment he stepped outdoors to try out his new feet, you could tell he was able to walk better. The rescue crew’s eyes welled up with emotions when they saw him run for the first time.

And Shane was ecstatic to be in the hands of folks who loved and cared for him. One of the crew members commented, “He’s certainly one of the most grateful horses I’ve ever seen.”

The rescuers realized they needed to start saving more horses, so they launched the Big John program, which aims to ensure that no workhorse is discarded after a life of forced labor. About 80 horses have been rescued by Colby’s Crew Rescue, with 60 to 70 percent of them being ex-workhorses. They also save other lovely creatures, such as mules.

The rescue crew stated, “We want to go for what horse has no other option but to be rescued by us.” “A lot of them need to be physically or emotionally rehabilitated.” They simply require time to be appreciated and to remember that people can be truly good.”

While the horses are allowed to remain on the rescue organization’s ranch, Colby’s Crew Rescue strives to find their rescues permanent homes.

“Seeing them come around is both emotional and rewarding,” a rescue crew member said. “We have poured our hearts and souls into horse rescue.” It’s all worth it when you look back and realise how many horses we’ve saved.

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