Little Girl Can’t Hold Back Her Tears Of Joy After Reuniting With Her Lost Dog

The following touching story is about Max, the pet dog who has been unable to find his way home for nearly two months. In May, he went missing in San Antonio, Texas, and his family members were scared that they would never see him again. That was until Replacement Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint about a dog wandering around a nearby area.

Perez recalled a lost pet dog flyer that had been posted at the substation in an attempt to locate Max. When Perez arrived at the location of the dog’s discovery, the pet was still Max! He immediately contacted the family to confirm that it was their pet, and they were quickly reunited.

No one knows how Max survived out there on his own, but his family was overjoyed to see him again. His two human siblings were especially grateful for the reunion; one couldn’t stop crying tears of joy and hugging Max when the pet was returned to them.

Little Max is now safe and sound at home, thanks to Perez and the kind Samaritan who alerted authorities after finding him in the neighborhood. Dogs are a part of the family, and it’s devastating when they go missing. The news went viral after the sheriff’s office posted about Max’s happy reunion with his family on Facebook, with over 1,500 shares.

“Male, seeing these tiny girls’ faces is priceless!” exclaimed one user. “These tiny creatures have a huge impact on our hearts.” Thank you, officer Perez, for returning their child to the family. Many blessings!” Several people on the internet were moved by the story.

The small girls were clearly overjoyed to see their pal again, and it was all because to one wonderful police officer. “We need to see more stories of authorities doing great,” another commenter on the article remarked. “This makes my heart race.”

The constable’s office was just as ecstatic to see the reunion, and it’s evident that Max was as well. He won’t have to worry about where he’ll get his next food or whether he’ll be able to sleep on the streets alone any more.

“Max and his family members were reunited, and as you can see from the expressions on the children’s faces, they couldn’t be happier,” the constable’s office wrote on Facebook. “Thank you, Deputy Perez, for making this get-together possible!”

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