Mare Gets Lost And Ends Up To A Stranger’s House

One of the things that are definitely hard to believe about horses is the fact that it is difficult to believe that they will disappear from their stable as you usually make sure that they are safe and they won’t go out of their places. Well, that is when we might be a little wrong.

Horse have proven themselves to be unpredictable and you never know what you expect from them but on the other hand, it barely happens for a horse to go missing because judging by their size, their easy findable even when they get lost but the problem is their safety if they end up in a highway or simply at a dangerous place, that is what owners are concerned about if they get into such situation and some of them have gotten into such situation and they have been very scared.

Of course, everyone would be as we all know how dangerous it is to leave our animals alone outside of their house, especially horses. Fortunately, this is not the case with this story that you are going to read. All the opposite actually, it turns out to be a hilarious moment that will be remembered for a long time. A horse named Sharq slipped away from her owner’s place to take a stroll around the neighborhood.

What sort of adventures she had along the way is anyone’s guess, but we do know where she ended up. Sharq concluded her journey by strolling into a stranger’s house — where she quickly made herself at home. But what’s more remarkable, perhaps, is how casually Sharq was received. Well, she wasn’t uncomfortable at all with the owner of the house as she went in and she seemed to be having a great time.

Thanks to that post, however, Sharq’s owner Ben Telfer-Hynes was alerted to what his horse had done. In the end, he managed to find the horse but even if he couldn’t do it, Sharq was welcomed to the new home as well. I mean, she is so beautiful, everyone would love to be the owner of her. Please let us know what you think about this story and Sharq herself.