Sassy 3-Day-Old Horse Keeps Chasing His Owner

I think we all agree that miniature horses are just the cutest breed ever. We often see them pulling one-person carts or participating in priceless therapy work. Their little size makes them super adorable and cute, in fact, they are even smaller than ponies and they are one of the friendliest and loving breeds around.

Miniature horses are excellent options even for certain people who want a dog but are allergic to them, they are tiny enough to walk the streets and come in the house if demanded, but they normally live outdoors at home. So, if you were having second doubts about these cute animals this post was surely the one to clarify all your doubts.

Mini horses are often a part of animal-assisted therapy groups for people with incapacities. Their kind, gentle nature and less intimidating size make them the perfect animal for people that are timid or very sensitive. Don’t be surprised if you see mini horses at your local hospital or at old age homes to visit people who are sick and retired individuals.

They really brighten these people’s day just with their presence and their playful nature. To show you how playful and persistent they can be, we decided to post an adorable video of a little mini horse that can’t stop chasing its owner wherever he goes. We surely would want to be in the owner’s place and enjoy the company of this charming tiny horse. Check out the delightful video below!