Donkey Wants To Socialise With Horses But They Get Scared

A difficult moment that we go through, especially when we are young is trying to socialize with people. It begins since we are in kindergarten and later on through other stages of education all the way to us being in the workplace. Usually, it is way more difficult for younger children as they are at a phase of their life where they start creating their personality and character, hence, a bad experience that they might have in kindergarten can be reflected in different situations as grown-ups.

It is really delicate and we don’t get to think about it deeply, which is the most concerning aspect of all. Have a throwback to moments when you were a child, you are probably a way different person, however, you will most likely find linking points between your earlier past and your present.

Of course, the support that you get from your family and friends is really important as well, yet it might be difficult to change insecurities you have with yourself. Believe it or not, it may be the case with animals as well. Look at this adorable little donkey for instance. All he is trying to do is making new friends in a pasture full of horses who are not familiar with donkeys at all.

They don’t even know what a donkey is and to them, it is something unknown and the horse’s reaction is quite understandable in such a situation.  The video is four minutes long and the donkey is constantly trying to get close to the horses but another negative thing about this is the fact that these horses are influencing each other’s behavior.

Even if a horse would think of getting close to the donkey, just seeing the others avoiding him, it will probably end up doing the same and it might make the donkey feel insecure and alone, which is as bad for animals as it is for humans. Let’s hope these horses got used to the poor donkey as he is totally not dangerous, he’s just playful. Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think about it.