Friesian Horses Deliver Their Performance Under Dark Lights

When we come across the word ‘Friesian’ or when this word comes up in conversation we always think about those gorgeous creatures come out of fairytales. Anyone who owns a Friesian wants to show him/her off and they can’t be blamed because these horses are just magnificent.

When you see them galloping with their manes and tales you just can’t stop thanking God for creating such gorgeous amazing creatures. I recall a lot of shows where Friesians performed and made quite a show but the one you are going to watch is just unique. You might think that this is a part of a fairytale but as a matter of fact, it’s so real. This Friesian light show takes you on a journey of imagination and the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘I wish I could ride them like this’.

When the video was posted on Facebook it received more than a thousand of various comments such as: “It looks they’re wearing their fancy pants.” “I’m surprised they’re not scared of each other.” “These are the most gorgeous, elegant and stately horses ever!” Have a look at the beautiful footage for more!