Lioness Enjoys A Long Cuddle With The Man Who Raised Her As A Cub

A lioness is reunited with the man who raised her as a cub in an absolutely adorable scene. When she notices her old friend entering her enclosure, she rushes to greet him with a big cuddle. The lioness wrestles him on the ground and showers him with love and affection after seeing the man who used to look after her when she was a tiny cub. The lovely moment was captured on film, and it is nothing short of heartwarming!

Kiara, who was named after the famous Lion King character, had been orphaned since she was a few weeks old. Fortunately, she was rescued by Adolfo, a kindhearted man. The man looked after the helpless lion and bottle fed her until she was an adult feline. The lioness was then taken to the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, a nonprofit based in Mexico City that specializes in big cat rescue.

Kiara, who has been transferred to this rehabilitation center to receive expert care, is about to receive an unexpected visit. Her former caregiver missed her and went to see how she was doing. But he never imagined he’d be greeted so warmly. Kiara ran up to Adolfo and jumped into his arms as soon as she saw him. The strong feline threw her old human friend to the ground and hugged him affectionately.

Check the video below!