Foal Was In His Last Day But Neighbour Steps In By Transforming Him

A fact about animals in the world is them ending up in a lot of difficult situations in life that can lead to serious health issues. This is the case with a lot of rejected animals. As long as you have decided to take care of an animal you can’t simply leave it somewhere with an uncertain future because it is your moral responsibility to take care of it, unless, do never be an animal owner if you can’t be one.

However, something that is worth mentioning is that apart from these mean and irresponsible people, there are a lot of others who bring hope to the animal world and have made a lot of positive changes that have improved it, that’s why I think educating the new generations with these positive examples is really important because it will be up to them in the future to behave appropriately with animals, something that is not difficult to do if you get used to young age.

This story is an excellent example of how one person taking action and save lives! A neighbor was concerned for the health of a horse and her foal, after noticing they were locked up in their stall and never let out. One day, the two horses escaped and the neighbor took a photo of the baby horse and sent it to RVR horse rescue in Riverview, Florida.

It was immediately obvious from the photo that Timmy the baby horse was in real trouble. He could barely walk! It was totally uncertain whether Timmy would survive or not. I am really sorry that he had to go through such a difficult moment being only a baby foal, but on the other hand, I am glad that this story has a happy ending.

Not only did he survive, but his life took a total positive turn. To see his journey, make sure to have a look at the video below and understand how important it is to take the right step at the right moment in time. We can all learn something from this.