Photographer Captures Heroic Boy Saving A Drowning Baby Deer

Hasibul Wahab (wildlife photographer) took amazing photos with his camera when a boy named Belal saw a drawing of a deer in the Noakhali River. The boy was just a teenager but when he saw a deer fighting in the water on a rainy day, without delay, he jumped into the river to rescue the deer.


The brave Belal did not hesitate for a moment, he lifted the deer in one hand and swam to the landing site. Belal is willing to risk his life and save this defenseless animal. The photographer who was there at the perfect time captured this situation with images.


Unfortunately, during the rainy season in Noakhali, many deer died due to unexpected flooding. But many caring locals will do their best to save as many as possible. Thanks to this brave boy, the deer is safe now. Feel free to spread this story out to your friends and family!