Protective Mare Runs Toward Her Baby Foal After Hearing Him Cry

There are no right words to explain what a mother is capable of doing in order to protect her baby. We are all conscious that there is no greater love than the love between a mother and her children. Particularly when the children are at a young age and need their mother’s attention and consideration throughout the whole time.

Horses are no different from humans in this aspect, a mare will always keep her foals away from danger and whenever she suspects that her babies are at risk, the mare will always go to save them no matter where they are. In the video presented below, we can see a family of three who spotted an adorable foal who was standing in the stall and decided to pet him.

Due to her young age, the foal got scared of people and unexpectedly, started crying. As soon as the mother heard the neigh she went running for him. The family understood the danger and moved out of the way.  We can’t blame the mother because she had the best intentions and was following her natural instincts by trying to protect her little foal.

It is a very incredible scene to watch! The mare comes at full speed and does everything to get together with her foal. Kudos to the family who were very understanding and decided to let the mare and her foal in the privacy they needed. Watch the amazing video to see these beautiful horses and don’t forget to share it with your friends!