Man Sets Friesian Horse Free Showing Off Its Movements

When it comes to Friesian horses, I think we all agree that they are the fashion models of the equine world. They all match each other and look like goddesses with their striking mane, tail, and of course, their amazing movements. It’s really something very odd to find horses that are so aware of their beauty and aren’t afraid to show it.

Not only they are very gorgeous to look at, but they are also always ready to do the tasks required by their owners or riders. Friesian’s owners say that these horses have so many positive qualities and they can’t compare them with any other horse breed.

Because of all these features, they manage to be in the spotlight, no matter where they are, in the most prestigious competitions or even in a small stable. In the video below you will be presented to Strata, a champion Friesian Stallion who managed to win the Rainbow Royal Horse Show.

Along with his handler, Nick Philips, Strata gave a beautiful performance and deserved to win the High Point Friesian show award. Although Strata had a busy day he still managed to do a great job and amaze the crowd with the show he delivered.

People who had the chance to watch this performance live should consider themselves lucky for having the opportunity to witness the excellence of this beautiful Friesian horse. He deserved all the recognition he got because he truly is one of a kind. Watch the beautiful horse in the video below!