Brave Mare Protects Her Baby Foal When Cougar Gets Into The Corral

Mountain lions, also known as cougars are large felines located mostly in the western half of the United States. Although they are considered very dangerous predators, the truth is that cougars are shy and prefer to avoid people, and only on some rare occasions they have attacked humans and horses.

Humans and horses are not seen as their ideal prey because cougars favor focusing on prey that is tiny, easy to catch, and possess the slightest amount of threat. Generally, a lion may attack a horse only if he is very hopeless for food, or is childish and new in hunting. Any cougar that lacks experience and goes after a horse soon learns this is not a good idea because the horse is most possible to protect itself with kicks and razor-sharp hooves.

As we said before adult horses are questionable candidates for a mountain lion attack because of their big size but foals and Miniature Horses may be in danger. There has been proof and several videos that show lions typically preying on wild horse foals less than 3 months old Experts say that mountain lions are drawn to small animals with jerky gestures, such as foals.

Below we have chosen two clips starring cougars and baby horses. In the first clip, a mountain lion strives to take a 2-day old baby foal while the mare immediately chases him. In the second clip, horseback riders taunt and stalk a lion who is trying to hunt. Both clips are commented on by the video uploader, who gives his opinion about what is going on. Make sure to watch it!