Shetland Pony Gives Birth To Rare Half Donkey, Half Horse Baby

What you are going to watch is a rare pregnancy case of a Shetland Pony. Everyone was very surprised when she gave birth to a rare half-horse, half-donkey. However the rare foal classed as a ‘Hinny’, a cross between a horse and donkey, was born on Tuesday night, measuring almost as tall as her Shetland pony mum.

Mum Peaches is just 30 inches tall, while newborn donkey, Katie, is just 10 inches behind at 20 inches tall, with plenty of time to grow. No one would expect something like this cause in most cases, even if pregnancy between a horse and a donkey happens.

It either results in unsuccessful or with the birth of a donkey or a horse but in this case, it seems like the baby foal has gotten the best of both. He is absolutely beautiful and it definitely stands out in the equine world, appearance-wise. We have seen a lot of rare horses from different breeds, even endangered ones.

On the other hand, we have seen a lot of rare donkeys also. But a cross between both species, I can’t think of any other example on the internet. If you have information about other stunning donkey-horses, please feel free to share their photos/videos with us.