Horse Tries To Use Woman As A Pillow And She Loves It

You may be familiar with the concept of a cat nap, but how about a horse nap?
When Lisa Brown’s horse Jimmy decided to take a nap on the ground while she was out in the fields, she noticed. The moment Brown sat down next to him, he leaned in and knocked her to the ground.

When he does this in the video, he turns Brown into a “human pillow.” Clearly, Brown has a soft spot for her horse’s friendly and playful nature. He even makes an attempt to lick her face, which makes her giggle in delight.

Some horses are more wary of people than others. To avoid being kicked by a horse when it is still asleep, people should exercise extreme caution when approaching one.

When it comes to expressing your horse some affection, Way of the Horse recommends just allowing it to sniff and nuzzle you.

For many horses, it is advisable to “make our needs suggestions rather than demands,” which means that nose-grabbing, cuddling or snuggling might not be the ideal approach to interact with your horse. A gentle pat on the back and a few quiet words are all that’s needed.

Check the video below!