Magnificent Horses Deliver A Special Performance At The Draft Horse Show

Have you seen an equestrian show? The meaning of an equestrian show varies from country to country, but as a general rule, it is an event where you can show your horse and its ability to ride or hold it in your hands. Some events are species, genus, or discipline-specific, while others are open to all.

Today we will enjoy this draft horse show at Young Living Farm in Utah Participating horses are from:

Percheron Breed, a breed of draft horse from the Huisne River Valley in Perche Province, hence the name. Generally gray or black, Percheron has strong muscles and is known for his intelligence and willingness to work.

Shire Breed, an English fishing horse breed. It is usually black, brown, or gray. It is a tall breed, and the Shire has maintained the world record for the largest and tallest horse.

Belgian Seagull Gorse. It is native to the Brabant region of modern Belgium and is one of the strongest heavy varieties.

Clydesdale, a breed of Scottish fisher horse. It is named after its home region of Clydesdale or Clyde Valley, most of which are in Lanarkshire.

We were very impressed by the beauty, strength, ability, and willingness of these horses to do whatever it takes. Leading horses are bred for this, for the purpose of pulling, including temperament and desire/willingness to work. The magical and powerful beasts you see today require hundreds of years to reproduce. That is time, darling, and love. These rare examples of specific breeds did not happen by accident. This requires years of exercise, proper training, care and feeding, veterinarian visits, including equine dentist and Ferrier work.

When you go to the show, one of the fun is to make your horse look its best; when you see someone admiring you, you will feel proud. However, preparing it may seem like a daunting task, from bathing and trimming to weaving and polishing, if you can’t keep up with things. However, this does not take years.

If you continue to care for and trim your jacket as part of your daily work, then you only need to make the final touches before the show. The following video shows a draft horse show in Young Farm Utah. It’s absolutely mesmerizing watching stunning horses showing off their beautiful movements. Take a look at the video, let us know your opinion, and feel free to share the video with your friends and family!