Emotional Last Scene From The Movie ‘The Black Stallion’

The Black Stallion is a 1979 American adventure movie based on the children’s book of the same name written by author Walter Farley. It was nominated for 2 Oscars and had also 4 different wins/ This fascinating movie explores the story of Alen and a beautiful Black Stallion horse. Young Alec Ramsey is traveling with his father when a mysterious Arabian stallion catches his attention.

While his father is gambling with the foreigns, Alec immediately creates a special bond with the horse. After a horrendous storm takes place and sets the ship where Alec and his fathers were traveling on fire, Alex finds himself on a deserted island along with the Black Stallion, whose name is Cass Ole.

For a time, Black and Cobra keep a distance between them but when Alec suddenly faces a cobra eye to eye, the Black saves the young boy’s life by confronting and killing the snake. After this event, they become best friends and Alec even manages to ride the unbroken horse, after many times attempts falling off the horse. One day, a fishing ship arrives, rescuing both Alec and the stallion.

When they manage to return home, Alex and a successful trainer train the Black Stallion to race against the fastest horse races of all the time. The movie scene posted below shows the emotional final race where Black manages to win, even though he is wounded. The films ends with a magnificent scene who shows Black and Alec during the time they were on the deserted island.