Meet The Charming Spotted Coat Horse Breeds

When spotted horses are mentioned, we immediately think of the Appaloosa horse breed, as they are some of the most popular horses in the world. But there are plenty of other horse breeds with unique spotting patterns that deserve more attention from horse lovers all over the world. They really look like an artist painted them! If you are a fan of Appaloosa horses, or just spotted coat colors, then I’m pretty sure you will also enjoy the beautiful horse breeds shown throughout the article. Below we have decided to show you everything you need to know about these horses. After reading it, I assume you’ll like spotted horses even more and may even decide to buy one! Keep reading!



Everyone remembers an Appaloosa horse as soon as they see one due to their remarkable markings. Many famous people own Appaloosa horses and they have even taken part in several TV shows and movies, often on black and white TV westerns. But also other Tv shows, like Little House on the Prairie, star an Appaloosa horse in their episodes. Appaloosas are valued for their calm nature and their commitment as family horses. These horses are talented, natural and they are also strong and able of bonding with their owners. These traits make Appaloosas an astonishing horse breed for people who have never owned a horse before.


Appaloosa horses can come in all colors but there are six varieties of base coats that normally relate to this breed:







There are more base coats named “Varnish,” which provides dark points and some lines over a shorter body, and “Few Spot Leopard,” which forms the base coat to become nearly covered by the number of points that appear. It may seem odd, but some Appaloosa horses look just like any horse breed and don’t have the marking or dots that the Appaloosa horse normally has. For this reason, if one of these horses is being presented or captured in competing events, officials may require blood testing in order to check the breed’s origin.



Gorgeous and rare, the Knabstrupper horse breed is one of the most beautiful horses in the world. These horses are recognized for their excellent spotted coat, but there are also many other qualities about this horse that will make u fell in love with him. The Knabstrupper horse was produced because centuries ago spotted horses were very popular in Europe. Unhappily, the crossbreeding almost ruined this breed and the purebreds of this breed decreased rapidly. Now, it is not known for sure if there are any pure Knabstrupper horses left. Knabstrupper horses have got a mix of Appaloosa bloodlines to establish the genetics of this breed so that they could survive.

They are wonderful riding horses, participate in dressage or show jumping, and can even be trained to do tricks in various circuses. Although they were bred in Denmark, this breed can be discovered all over the world nowadays, from Europe to the United States. They have all the models of the leopard complex, but more widespread is the “leopard” pattern: stable white with spots. What makes these horses even more unique is the fact that there aren’t two Knabstrupper horses who look precisely the same. All these spots can emerge from a bay, black, or chestnut color. Infrequently, just like the Appaloosa horse, the horses may be produced without any spots but they will still have the leopard complex genes.


Miniature Horses


Miniature horses may come in any color, even a marked coat. Many horse breeds permit only particular colors but in miniature horses, the variety in color is allowed. Many colors that are very unique in other breeds are common in minis, such as dark bodies with white or cream manes and tails.  Miniature horses were also often mixed with Appaloosas – a breed appreciated for its hardiness, versatility, and great temperament. All miniature horses are known for being very kind towards humans.

These horses enjoy the human company, even that of people who they never have seen before. They are so cute that sometimes it’s difficult to resist petting a miniature horse foal, cuddling it, and giving them all your unconditional love. Many people want to own a horse but don’t have the right space or the right condition for a normal horse, that’s why they desire miniature horses. Minis are also very effective as visitants for retirement habitations and disabled individuals. Their friendly nature and their exceptional charisma give an enjoyable and pleasant experience for all the people who own this breed.