A Dog Who Was Not Allowed To Be Touched Because Of Illness, Runs To Hug A New Owner

The infancy of the Border Collie, now 4, was filled with neglect. Lying in a shelter in Claremore, Oklahoma, the young dog, then known as Kong, suffered from a painful skin condition and sunburn so bad it couldn’t be touched.

Welcomed by Border Collie Rescue and Rehab in Prosper, Texas and regained health, Kong became known as # 387 on the Rescue website

But Curtis Hartsell didn’t need a name to fall in love with the little white dog with the big smile and curious eyes.
“I scanned her profile and immediately fell in love with her unique photo and the description they put on the page,” Hartsell told The Dodo.

“Her adoptive mother described her temper and her personality and I described my life a bit to her and she said we looked perfect for each other.”
After several interviews and a home visit, Hartsell’s application was approved and the day finally came when the two met for the first time.

Hartsell arrived at ZIB’s foster home, and a friend managed to capture an image of the highlight when the lost puppy was finally found.

“I really feel saved by him and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him,” he said. “Our lives revolve around each other now and I don’t wish it any other way.”