Baby Foal Decides To Stand By Injured Mom’s Side

One of the best lovely relationships in the world is only among a mom and her children. This fact is not true only for human beings, however, animals tend to love their family members very much. Mares are identified for having a sturdy parenthood bond and love their infants very much.

The foals are also very connected to their moms and love them more than anything in the world. The beautiful connection between a mare and her foal can simply be proven by the video below. The injured mare is in a completely tough situation due to the fact her foot is trapped in her mane and she can’t stand up.

As you may see, the little foal seems to be very worried and hopeless. The rescue group arrived there right away and the foal stood close to her mom during the whole time, even during the time when the rescuers try to get the mare on her feet. The foal couldn’t preserve her exhilaration and refused to leave her mom alone, revealing all his happiness due to the fact his mom might be back again. He started out jogging round out of pleasure at the same when the mare gets on her feet.

This video proved again that a child loves his mom greater than anything else and might do anything to stand by their side. It is so emotional to watch the reaction of both mom and child after they handle the critical situation together. We should applaud the rescuers for their incredible act. Simply amazing! Please take a look at the video below! Do not hesitate to let us know your opinion and do not forget to share the video with your friends and family to make their day too.