16-Year-Old Girl Rescues Runaway Horse Down A Busy Highway

We can all agree that animals are famous for getting into trouble, which is why they are often referred to as “troublemakers”. Especially horses, which always put themselves in the most unusual situations, even risking their lives.

We are always faced with strange situations in our daily life and just when we think that nothing can surprise us anymore we hear a new story about animals that still amazes us.

In the video below you’re about to see something strange that you might have not seen before and I’m sure it will leave you without words. Many brave people have made it their mission to save animals that are defenseless and in need of our assistance, but they are not.

The rescuer this time is just a brave teenager who did not hesitate to save a horse that needed her help! Surprisingly, a horse escaped at a horse show and made it down a highway in Maryland.

Caroline Shoults, 16 years old girl, saw the horse running as she prepared for the ride. She saw that something was wrong and when she saw the horse go, Caroline thought it was better to chase him away.

With her horse named Tinkerbell, she chased the runaway horse for nearly three miles while a group of women followed Caroline and acted as a guard to protect the horse from other carriages. As you can see, nothing could stop this great horse lover from saving the horse.

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