Naughty Horse Apologises To Rider After Bucking Her Off

The reality shows that all riders have taken care of at least one naughty and bucking horse. For all the people who are not horse owners and don’t know what bucking is, we will be explaining the term “buck”. Bucking is a bad habit that a horse can have and that needs to be stopped as soon as possible. When bucking, the horse actually puts both feet on the ground and throws the rider off.

Many horses seem to be patient and they don’t buck by causing problems for the rider. While we should not forget that there are other horses that are “more naughty” may buck once or twice when they are first saddled and ridden (mainly when the rider has not made the initial warm-up and preparation just so the horse doesn’t buck when being ridden).

However, we should also take into account that sometimes the horse uses bucking as a dark tactic because by bucking the horse thinks that it has the rider under control. We should also not forget that there are also many other reasons a horse can buck, such as discomfort, pain excitement, and other reasons that we have not yet been able to figure out.

That’s the case in the following video. When the video was filmed the rider had been with this horse named Jasper for 9 years so they really build a bond with each other. There was no way the horse would buck the rider out of nothing after being 9 years together, however in this case he’s got an injured knee and that’s the main reason why it bucked the rider off. After throwing off the rider, the lovely horse understands that he had made a mistake so decided to apologize to the rider. Please take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to spread out the video to your loved ones!