Rider Struggles To Get On Her Large Horse But The Horse Decides To ‘Give Her A Hand’

There’s nothing like learning to ride and creating great memories with your favorite horse. Many individuals choose to ride a horse bareback because it allows them to feel more connected to the animal and is also a great method to build strength and improve balance.

Individuals used to ride bareback because they couldn’t afford saddles, but nowadays, even though saddles are widely available, many people still prefer to ride bareback. If you’ve ever tried to saddle a horse without using stirrups, you know how tough it can be. You obviously require some assistance in the form of a leg up.

It’s not as simple as you might believe because if your horse isn’t prepared, you could suffer a serious fall. In the video below, you’ll witness a horse decide to assist a young girl who tried several times but couldn’t get on his back without the assistance of a saddle.

This video demonstrates once again that animals can teach us a lot and that we can rely on them in difficult times. We believe the horse has been taught to behave in this manner. They are taught this so that even impaired riders can enjoy the benefits of horseback riding.

People have had a variety of reactions to this video, as usual. Some believe the girl was definitely slamming the horses’ ribs, while others believe they were simply having fun.

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