People Dressed Up As Horses Trying To Prank Real Horses

The horse is one of the most intelligent animals. He easily recognizes his peers and is very rigid when sensing the presence of a stranger in his group.
It is easy to see how the white horse in the video realizes that “there is an impostor among us”. He does not become aggressive but arouses the curiosity of other local horses because they are very nice and want to meet the “newcomer”.

Horses, unlike other animals, respond to positive stimuli. If you treat them well, they won’t forget it and greet you with a whimper or leave you consoled.
Horses are intelligent, although some are undoubtedly smarter than others. They can learn, but they also have the ability to sort it out on their own, such as opening vines in the stables and unblocking accidents in the field.

A horse can learn very quickly, with correct and constant training. In addition, horses will learn their daily routines and know when it is time for meals or when they can expect treats etc.
Horses are animals that love to socialize very much. In their natural state, they depend on each other for information that provides the survival of the entire gang. If a predator, for example, appears on the horizon, a horse immediately alerts others with a wide variety of signals. and timbre are just a few of these signals. There is no reason why he should not try to communicate with people.
Horses quickly learn to recognize commands and body language. They understand the noises of the meal, such as the sound of a quad bike knowing it will be loaded with hay or the sound of a grain chipper in a grocery store.

If your horse cares about what is going on around him instead of focusing on you, they will be more likely to be afraid. It is always good to draw their attention to you so that they are less afraid of  surroundings. If they are trying to focus their attention on other things or other paths around you, you should try to draw their attention to you by asking them to do some basic things that they already know.