Baby Girl Taking Her Best Friend For A Walk

Although she is only 15 months old, this little girl is already brave enough to take the 1000 pound family horse for a ride on their farm. But with such a nice giant four-legged friend, things are much easier. To top it all off, the unlikely couple also struck up a friendship before the mini-human was born, so you can only imagine how close they are.

Although he can barely stand, the little girl carefully grabs the horse’s leash and walks away with the animal gently following her. Two dogs also join the couple on their (rather short) adventure. The touching moment was captured on the fly by a family member. Soon after the clip was shared online, people fell in love with it. The sweet moment happened on a small farm in Macclesfield, Victoria, Australia!

“I can’t help but watch this horse is so sweet and so calm and gentle, the baby is absolutely adorable,” was one of the most appreciated comments. While another viewer wrote, “The gentle, patient horse. Animals know children and don’t hurt them.”
Although less than a minute long, the adorable video has gone viral on the social networks, collecting millions of views so far. However, not everyone agreed. Some viewers have criticized parents for leaving such a small child next to a huge horse. “It’s cute, but such a young kid riding a horse ???.I do not know the parental judgment ??? Even if the horse is nice you never know anything can happen,” one person wrote.