Woman Sits Down For A Nap But Sassy Horses Get The Notice While Sleeping

Nothing can compare to the beauty of horses and no other animal can be as noble as horses are. Not only are they stunning and magnificent but they are also intelligent and the best of friends. People that have dealt with these amazing animals know that this is true and the bond you create with them is difficult to put into words. Sometimes, they get so comfortable around one another that it becomes difficult to part with each other which sometimes results in taking a nap in the barn.

What you are going to watch in this video is a woman who takes a nap in the barn and lies together with horses. Liz Mitten Ryan runs a horse retreat called Equinisity Retreat where she takes care of horses. A lot of people visit the retreat and when visitors go there she shows them what it’s like to live with horses and share everything you have got with them. People get the chance to lie with horses and this video shows how they do that but it’s not the people who get the attention but the horses.

This is probably the most peaceful video I have seen and I have never seen horses or knew horses could be so content and happy like this. These noble creatures act like lap dogs as they lazily roll around, fart, and put their heads on the people’s laps. This is so funny and relaxing at the same time. Have a look at the video for more, let us know your thoughts and do not forget to spread out the video to your friends and family on social media in order to make their day beautiful too.