A Very Rare Fox Was Spotted In The Wild

When it comes to mind-blowing and jaw-dropping sightings, the wildlife never ceases to amaze. And this majestic fox is definitely one of Mother Nature’s most fascinating things. Due to a rare condition, the usually red fur features dark streaks, making these creatures a sight to behold!

Also known as the cross fox, this majestic creature has a unique characteristic due to a rare disease called melanism. Albinism, which is a lack of skin pigmentation, is unlikely, melanism occurs due to the black pigmentation of the skin. And although most animals with this rare condition have totally black fur, in this particular situation things are a little different. Maybe that’s why they’re even more fascinating.

Although cross foxes are incredibly difficult to spot these days, things were completely different in the past. According to wildlife experts, these majestic creatures once roamed North America in large numbers. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century, due to the high demand for their fur, they almost disappeared.

Cross foxes share many similarities with red foxes. In fact, they just had a bigger tail and obviously a different fur color. Their name was given because of a long dark stripe that runs down the back, crossing another stripe to form a cross on the shoulder.