Largest Orca Group Caught On Camera Off The Norway Cost

This is the incredible moment when hundreds of killer whales flocked off the coast of Norway. The large group of at least 300 individuals was accidentally spotted by an expedition vessel and the footage left everyone baffled.

Of course, such a large number of killer whales raises questions because these large predators usually stay in small groups. The huge herd was first spotted by a wildlife guide. At first glance, everyone thought they could be part of the same family, but when they noticed that their numbers were growing more and more, they dropped the idea.

Killer whales also congregate in large numbers when mating season begins. However, these agile sea creatures are very reserved about their breeding habits, such a gathering has never been seen before.
Eventually, the large number of fleeing seabirds revealed the unusual behavior of these killer whales. They also soon realized that a fishing fleet was nearby. So these hungry killer whales were all swimming in that direction for one purpose: to feed. These waters are very rich in herring, which is the killer whales’ favorite meal. So when the fishing season starts, large groups of killer whales gather here. However, it was the first time that such a herd had been filmed!