Clydesdale Horses Collapse During Arena Show But They Handle The Situation With Patient

Budweiser Clydesdale horses are celebrated for their beauty, majesty, strength, and poise. The Clydesdales performed in front of a packed house at an indoor arena, and the crowd was giddy with anticipation. When the horses collapsed in unison, one man in the audience captured a terrifying moment.

Attendees are in awe as the announcer tells them what the horses will do. In perfect sync, the horses clip-clop and sashay from side to side. An accident occurs about halfway through the beautiful performance. The horses are making a coordinated turn when they all collapse to the ground. The audience gasps in horror.

People rush to help the horses after the announcer tells them not to panic. One woman in the stands is heard saying, “Oh my god.”

It takes a few minutes to gather the horses again, but they are able to harness a few and make a valiant exit from the stadium. In the video below, you can see the entire event as it was captured by a fan!