Horse Runs Along Busy Road After Escaping From Racetrack

This is the moment a jockey is thrown from his horse just before the finish line of a race, as the animal flees off the track and onto a busy road in the city. The incident occurred during the ‘Terra Bashkiria’ horse race in the south-western Russian city of Ufa, the capital of the country’s Republic of Bashkortostan.

The unnamed jockey, who was already reportedly last in the race, can be seen being thrown from the large horse as it runs off the track in the video.
The horse then bolts from the arena and onto a busy road as the jockey pursues it.
The animal then slips and falls in front of an approaching car, which manages to come to a complete stop in time.

The horse then sprints across the busy roads, with onlookers, including the jockey, seen running after it.
According to Artur Valeev, Deputy Head of the Press and Media Agency of the Republic, who witnessed the incident, the horse refused to continue running forwards seconds before the race ended.

“It turned right at the very end of the course, right in front of the finish line,” said the official. By the way, this horse was in last place– perhaps it slipped away out of shame, who knows?”
Many people who saw the video on Facebook were concerned about the horse’s safety, with one user, “Zukhra Saitkulova,” saying, “Damn, I’m so worried about her.” Have you been apprehended? “No harm done”?
The runaway horse was later apprehended, and neither it nor the jockey were injured, according to local media.

Check the video below!