Rider Wants To Have Control But Horse Got His Own Rules

A big mistake that a lot of horse people do, even the experienced ones is pushing a horse to do things that they are not capable of or simply oblige them to perform even when they are not in their best physical conditions. Sometimes it comes as a lack of information in horse behavior, other times it comes as a pressure by the audience and all the organizers of the event to make your horses perform as people have bought their tickets for the performance and you cannot simply tell them that the performance is canceled, that is why the whole situation might be a little complicated and it is quite understandable.

Also, we need to consider the fact that horses are very intimidated by huge crowds and it is something that horse owners need to keep in mind before every performance, especially when it the very first one. To all the people who do not understand what happens in rehearsals for a performance, they definitely need to keep in mind all of these factors that are connected to horses’ psychology and at the same time, all the hard work needed to be put in for a performance to be perfect.

It is easy to judge externally but when you get to be the one who has to perform, you will most likely think in a different way. That’s why experience is the best indicator of such situations. Now let’s focus on our video and this horse who is a little different from the others. He definitely had it in for his rider. As they were riding, weaving in and out of various obstacles, the horse headed for a tree.

While he just missed it, a branch knocked the rider off the horse. The horse definitely did that on purpose. That intentional jump into the tree and that proud prance afterward is just pure gold because if I had someone on my back constantly yanking on my mouth I would surely do that.

It seems like the horse held a grudge until the perfect moment came and he did in front of all the people at an event. At this point, I definitely think that the rider got what he deserved and I think all the other riders who behave the same way as the one here would get the same reaction from other horses as well. Please watch the video below and let us know what you think.