Wild Horses Goliath And Red Lady Reunite After Being Separated

Close relationships between Mustangs and their family members are essential for both mental and physical survival since they are so devoted to one other. These stallions are kind and protective of his foals, but they are also capable of fierce combat if they feel threatened by one of their mares.
The story of one stallion named Goliath and his family is told in this film. Originally from Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming, he is a 25-year-old Mustang. He had several mares over the years, but Red Lady was his steady companion and the love of his life. For her, Goliath would fight tremendous bouts with other stallions, even if it meant losing her.

He also became a symbol of Wyoming’s wild horses. Red Lady, often seen heavily pregnant with her foals grazing contentedly or drinking in the water hall where they lived, appears frequently in photographs of Goliath and his family. Before things changed, this was a close-knit family of wild horses.
In order to allow livestock to graze on the same public areas, the Bureau of Land Management arrived to round up over 2000 wild horses in this area. The horses were chased into traps by the BLM using helicopters. For hours on end, the horses must run for kilometers before being captured, tired, often hurt, and sometimes even dead in these roundups, they must run.

The remaining mustangs will never be able to reclaim their freedom. Soon after being captured, the families were split up, stallions being separated from mares and newborns being separated from their mothers. They’ll never see each other again after that. These horses are taken to facilities across the West, where they will spend the rest of their lives in captivity.

Goliath was reunited with his family thanks to a fundraising organized by Skydog Sanctuary. Many people stood out in favor of him and requested him to create a sanctuary like the wildlands he wandered when he was a free man. Even more incredible happened after that. We received an email from a great woman in Colorado who had just recently adopted Red Lady and expressed an interest in reuniting the two of them.

Check the video below!