Friesian Horse Shows Off His Sense Of Humor While Playing With Water

The Friesian breed has a wide range of personality types, allowing many different types of owners to find the right match based on their goals and riding levels. Friesians are described as naughty, loving, and playful. Horse lovers frequently describe them as majestic and commanding. Friesians have a friendly, calm, and even temperament. They are smart and eager to please their rider.

They also enjoy playing with water, as evidenced by this video. People buy them as the fairy-tale horse of their dreams (which they are), but they are also unaware that, in some cases, shortcuts were taken in their foundational training that must be corrected. It is critical to be a well-informed buyer.

Friesians are eager to learn and enjoy doing so; however, they can have very busy minds and require a dedicated handler who can redirect them to the proper focus and mindset. They may even take some time to adjust to new owners because they are learning a new language (if they are imported, they most likely do not speak English) and beginning a new relationship.

The majority of Friesians have a lot of “go” and are sensitive horses. Check to see if they are the right breed for you and if you are prepared to make the commitment. The same thing can happen with some dog breeds where people love how they look but aren’t prepared for the personality. If you make the wrong choice, a Friesian can end up as a Border Collie in a studio apartment.

Friesians can be “pushy” until they understand your boundaries; they can read our level of confidence with them, and if they believe we are a pushover, they will push on us. You’ll be fine once you establish yourself as the lead horse. As a result, laying a riding foundation begins with a ground foundation. Ground training will set the tone for the rest of your horse’s relationship.

Check video below!