Horse Herd Makes Hoof Sounds Delivering A Unique View

One of my favorite things about the horse world are the enormous herds of horses that are just breathtaking. Horses are herd animals, even if they were raised in captivity and never had the opportunity to interact with other horses. Seeing a large herd of other horses, a tamed horse is likely to run and join them as well.

One time in the UK, I saw a video of a guard horse misbehaving when he spotted a large group of horses being ridden by royalty and he wanted to join them. That’s why I constantly say that providing a horse with food and shelter isn’t enough to make them happy; horses have other requirements that can only be met in the wild or in large herds.

Of course, your horse’s dissatisfaction isn’t the result of your caregiving; there are simply some factors that, no matter how hard we try, we as horse owners cannot control. Horses in the wild have a better quality of life, whether you like it or not. On the other hand, domestic horses have a longer lifetime because they’re protected from wild predators and can depend on a human caregiver no matter what the situation calls for them to.

There’s nothing quite like witnessing a huge crowd of people gathered around a horse, whether it’s a tamed or wild one. The movie lasts around 5 minutes, yet it appears as if there are an infinite number of horses moving in the same direction as their owners and trainers direct them.

I’d want to have been a part of anything like this because it’s so fantastic. This many horses isn’t something you see every day. I think it’s wonderful that horses are revered in so many cultures around the world, and I’m delighted that special horse festivals exist to honor these magnificent animals.

Have a look at the video for more!