Woman Goes Through A Divorce But Horse Decides To Comfort Her

In case you’ve ever had a pet, you’re probably aware that they can detect our emotions better than we can. In fact, they have a good sense of when we’re happy, excited, angry, or upset. While some animals prefer to remain silent and let their humans to process their feelings on their own, others want to intervene and offer assistance.

Credit: Pubity

This is true not only for dogs and cats, but even for horses! When her owner, Shania, was going through a difficult divorce, a gentle 4-year-old horse named Shiner knew exactly what to do. Shaina was very sad when she was moving out of her house one day. Divorce is difficult enough, but when you have to move out on top of it, it’s even more difficult.

Shiner appeared to recognize that his owner needed a shoulder to cry on, so he supplied one. Shania, according to Pubity, explained:

“I was going to move out that day because I was going through a divorce.” When I connect with my horses, I always set up my camera. Shiner, my horse, sensed that I was attempting to hide my emotions.

Credit: Pubity

He sensed my distress and gently drew me into his arms to let me cry it out while reassuring me with his nudges. Horses are able to sense our feelings and are excellent at living in the present, so they can take our emotions and simply let them go.”

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