Stallions Dressed In Costumes Present Their Beauty

In most horse events, you’ll see both horses and riders dressed in a more conservative manner. The exception is when you’re witnessing a costume class – especially a fantasy costume class. All bets are off in a fantasy costume class, you see. There’s nothing better than a crazy outfit. There are a lot of feathers, sparkles, and even a few wings to think about.

The Northeast Friesian Horse Club Classic show’s fantasy costume class is featured in this video. The horses themselves are stunning, but the costumes they and their riders wear are much more impressive. In terms of both inspiration and appearance, the costumes range from a winged horse to an Indian theme.

Because fantasy costume workshops are so entertaining to witness, they’re often popular with the audience. While historically appropriate costumes are required for traditional or historic costume lessons, the only restrictions on fantasy costumes are your own creative visions.

Consider dressing your horse up in a costume. While dressing up your horse can be a lot of fun, it’s crucial to remember to keep him safe at all times. When coming up with a costume for your horse, Barnmice advises keeping in mind the personality of your horse. Keeping your horse’s costume simple and similar to the tack he normally wears is preferable if your horse is scared or agitated.

To complete your look, don’t forget to include a helmet. There is a certain allure to riding around the ring with your hair blowing in the wind, but is that all it is worth? Injury to the brain is no laughing matter.
Last but not least, make sure your outfit has safeguards in place. To prevent your costume from being tangled, look for Velcro or breakaway ties. If you’re not sure how your horse will react to the outfit, consider having a friend lead him.

Check the video below!