Horse Decides To Pay Farrier Back By Scratching Her Back

Though some people think of a horseshoe as a lucky charm, many horse owners use them to keep their horses’ hooves healthy. As a result, a horse with healthy hooves might be happy and ready to perform.

Horse hooves are managed and protected by farriers. Steel shoes, which are made and fitted to the horse’s trimmed foot, are commonly used to protect the hoof. The hoof also expands over time and does not always wear evenly or sufficiently to keep the horse happy.

To maintain a healthy and acceptable hoof capsule, most horses require minimal trimming. Allowing the animal’s feet to grow too long or wear them too short can cause discomfort. Horse owners must provide everything the horse requires to keep comfortable.

Farriers must be comfortable among horses and possess both physical and communication abilities in order to understand effective foot care. There are no legal prerequisites for performing foot care in terms of schooling or licensure. However, most farriers go to a farrier school and some may even work as an apprentice for more experienced farriers.

The following video shows a dedicated lady taking care of the horse’s shoe, however, the horse on the other side decides to pay her back for the lovely service by scratching her back. This is such a hilarious moment and it simply made my day.

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