Horse Helped Him To Overcome Lonely Days, And He Managed To Buy Him 15 Years Later

To show his thanks to his former military horse after hearing that he was retiring, a former member of the Queen’s Guard decided to adopt him. At a London army barracks over two decades ago, Ezphia Rennock and a horse named Agricola first met. Ezphia was a member of the queen’s personal guard in the British Army from 2000 to 2007. Agricola, the service horse he was assigned, helped him cope with the loneliness he felt while away from home as an adolescent, according to him.

It wasn’t long until Agricola, who was notorious for his antics, became his new teammate. “When he was a kid he used to scare people away all the time,” Ezphia reminisced. “As time went on, we became closer so he welcomed me and our friendship grew stronger.” In the end, Ezphia became the only one that can handle Agricola satisfactorily. Until 2007, Ezphia and his horse served in the British Army together for seven years before retiring to have a family. It was the last time the ex-soldier and Agricola would be together, he thought.

Ezphia, however, received an unexpected phone call from one of his Knightsbridge Barracks colleagues who was still serving — Agricola was about to retire! He returned a short time later and inquired about adopting the horse; however, he was told that he would have to place a bid in order to have the horse. As he sat there with him every day, he told him that he and he would be together one day when he retired and that he would come right back and adopt him when he did.

As he knew he would not be the successful bidder, Ezphia wrote an emotional letter about the time he spent with a former service horse in the letter. The most he could do was to demonstrate to Agricola that he was the ideal owner for him. In spite of the fact that he was not the highest bidder, the auction house called him and asked him to come and pick him up right away, he explained. The handlers stated “there was no doubt in the matter” and that Agricola will go to him after he placed a £1,000 bid. Ezphia stated his old friend remembered him immediately when they met again. In his words, “It was as if I had never left,” he stated.

Ezphia shared the wonderful news on Facebook. During his time away as a young man, “this horse got me throughout harsh, lonely days,” he wrote. “Today I make amends with him.”

He is currently staying in a Dutchy yard, including some of the queen’s private estates that Ezphia rents. When he’s in town, he often brings his daughter along with him.

After all, Ezphia and Agricola have plenty of time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company now that they’ve said their goodbyes.