Tied Dog Reaches Out His Paw To Agent Who Came To Rescue Him

Last week, Constable Angela Laurella received a report of two dogs tied to poles at a dead end in Pompano, Florida.

With no cameras in the area, it was impossible to know how long the dogs had been there or who had abandoned them. But with the temperature hitting 100 degrees outside, Agent Laurella knew there was no time to waste.
Agent rushed over to find a frail gray dog ​​tied so tightly to a post he could barely move.

The dog, now called Liam, put its paw in the officer’s hand and bowed its head to receive some love. “She approached him very slowly and reached out her hand, and he let himself be intimidated and gave her his paw, as if to say, ‘Please help me out of here. ‘”, said Roman.

Agent Laurella realized that Liam hadn’t had an easy life and needed special care, so she called for help to save more than 100 abandoned dogs from the Florida Everglades. .
After many visits to the vet, Liam relaxes in Roman’s house, where the 17-pound pocket bully slowly regains his strength – and eats better than ever.

While Liam still has a long way to go, with many vet appointments in his future, he’s been a ray of sunshine since his rescue.