Photographer Captures Stunning Horses That Graze Iceland’s Spectacular Landscape

Iceland has some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world, with volcanoes, black-sand beaches, and breathtaking fjords. However, it is not only the landscape that is breathtaking, but also the wildlife. Icelandic horses are majestic creatures that live in this legendary world shaped by ice and fire.

Drew Doggett, a reborn New York City-based photographer and filmmaker, traveled to this fairytale country to witness its splendor for himself after hearing about its enthralling beauty. Doggett shows the close encounter he had with these horses in his wonderful photo series In the Realm of Legends, but he also shows “the unique relationship between this land and these beauties.”

This was a memorable experience for Doggett. “Throughout all of my work, I find that I am consistently drawn towards near-impossible places on Earth,” the photographer told Bored Panda. “Iceland is a surreal place, and the wild horses are the ideal companions to this strange yet breathtaking land; the combination of the two is truly unforgettable.”

Doggett was drawn to the country by its legends and mystical tales, in addition to its unique landscape. “I was drawn to Iceland in many ways because of my interest in adventure, which I’ve had since I was a child,” he explained.

The photographer lived on a farm with hundreds of these rare horses while in Iceland. Even though he was only there for a few weeks, Doggett admits it took him several months to plan this special photoshoot. “Aside from the inherent challenges of documenting this rare horse breed, the unpredictability of Iceland’s weather was the most difficult aspect of creating this series,” Doggett explained.

But, in the end, it’s worth every second of it.
“The waterfalls are incredibly loud and almost violently beautiful, but the horses remained calm, standing mere feet from millions of gallons of rushing water,” the photographer added. Take a look at his amazing photographs.

Check the video below!