Horse Gallops Back Into Burning Stable To Rescue His Family

As mentioned earlier, horses are social animals. This means that in any case, they want to at least see and smell the distance of another horse, especially the horses they know and love, especially the members of their family. Well, this is an example, a horse will do anything for another horse.

As we saw in the video, during the California wildfire, an old horse was filmed rescuing young horses from the stable fire. The heroic horse is named Prieta and he comes from a ranch in Simi Valley. Today, Onyx, a small animal rescued by Prieta, is enjoying a calm and sunny day in Southern California. Onyx’s mother, Mona Lisa, was safely captured on camera and evacuated when a fire broke out near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Some people may be wary of predators, while others eat or search for food sources. They are very selfless animals. Therefore, if one horse in the herd is in danger, the other horses will try their best to protect or even save it. This is why horses are so magical. They are selfless, kind, and brave. Moreover, nature makes the horse cautious and gives it a strong sense of self-protection.

Although most horses are more willing to protect themselves by avoiding danger when facing threats, some of them can protect each other very well. We can see this very clearly in the video. If avoiding threats is not an option, horses can also protect themselves and other horses in the herd by biting, hitting, feeding, shaking, or kicking.

Many natural behavior patterns of horses, such as grazing and social convenience, are directly related to the type of prey. Many of them are known for their loyalty because they are essential members of the herd who protect themselves in the wild. Females tend to take care of their cubs and will protect them at all costs. Please share this incredible footage with your friends and family!