30 Pics Of Frederik The Great, Considered By Many The Superstar Horse

With a flowing black mane, a strong torso, and a noble temperament, his followers described him as “beautiful” and “sexy”; he even got roles in movies. The owner of Frederick the Great, known as “the most beautiful horse in the world”, once praised this stallion as an “artist” who would not change his reputation. Frederik, a 15-year-old stallion from Arkansas, came into the public eye after people started sharing his photos online.



The black mane is flowing, the torso is strong, the bearing is extraordinary and he takes the lead. His followers called him “handsome”, “beautiful” and “sexy”. “When I first met him,” said Stacy Nazario, the owner of the Pinnacle Friesians farm that Frederick called home, “I knew he was a special stallion.



“Nazario bought Frederick when he was six years old. She imported it from the Netherlands where she lived with her mother and brought it to her farm in the Ozark Mountains. “His personality goes well with his appearance. It’s really great. He has a sweet temper. He can put a baby beside him and he will be gentle with him. He is a gentle giant. ”



Although Frederick has only gained widespread fame lately, Nazario said he has been a fanatical follower for some time.” He has always been popular with the fan base,” he said. And his photos It’s everywhere. He has fans from all over the world.” The pictures on Frederik’s Facebook page have been shared thousands of times, and he shows various poses. With his head held high, he galloped across the field, proud and sincere, but he also saw him looking at the wooden fence during a more thoughtful rest.



This combination of power and sensitivity explains its appeal to some extent. “There is no more majestic, more beautiful, and sexier horse on earth. Never again. I wish I could touch and sniff it once,” Facebook user Sharon Younts in a photo of Frederik running wild and free Write down. “He is so majestic and proud!!!  It’s great!!!” Nazario said that Frederick, who likes to participate in dressage competitions, is “absolutely” aware of his beauty.



It’s almost like seeing a celebrity, you know, the difference between them at home and under the lights,” Nazario said. But, he said, Frederick will not be a fickle lover of fame and fortune. “He is a gentle and sweet horse with a deep-rooted personality and will not change.”



One of Frederik’s most distinguishing characteristics is his long hair. The eye-catching hair attracts the admiration of professional equestrian enthusiasts and leisure enthusiasts. “He looks very noble and he has a lot of presence,” said Melody Hames, a horse groomer who runs JMC Equestrian Custom Clippings in Lancashire, England. “You see power, but you also see elegance.”



Hames praised Frederik for his soft, shiny coat and smooth mane. She said that a special horsehair conditioner could be used to achieve this look, and she suggested using it. Leave on hair until dry. Elizabeth Moyer, the editor of Horse Illustrated magazine, said that Frederick the Great had all the qualities of a beautiful horse.



“From a beautiful point of view, what makes a horse attractive: a shiny coat and wonderful mane and hair definitely contribute to a beautiful horse. “Sports talent and graceful movements also increase The attraction of horses. But I can clearly see the great presence and attitude of [Frederick], which has attracted the attention of the public and horse lovers everywhere. ”



Frederik is looking forward to the busy months. He has made promises to the media, including taking photos and videos, and Nazario is considering several film deals. This horse is also standing on the stallion—according to his website,” Frederick only sends frozen fresh semen”—the dressage competition is coming soon. However, on Friday afternoon, Frederick was content to stay out of the spotlight, only a horse is a horse. “He is just eating grass, walking, he will look at the deer,” Nazario said. “He likes to relax.”