Elegant Friesian Horse Tries To Impress The Lined Up Cows

Friesian horses manage to steal everyone’s attention wherever they are and this is a renowned undeniable fact. With their superb look and amazing movements, you just can’t take your eyes off them. If you think that the biggest admirers of Frisian horses are humans then you are completely wrong because cows are their biggest fans too. It is so true even though it looks strange!

That’s what you’re gonna see within the funny and cute video shown below. A beautiful Friesian horse named Koning left his admirers speechless and that they all lined up to look at him through the fence in the open field. The Friesian horse decided to simply go for walk while there was a great sunny day and along the way figures out the neighbor’s cows and wanted to show off its majesty to them. The neighbor’s cows were fascinated by the gorgeous black horse once they went close to him.

The Friesian horses decided to go near them and they seem to be intimidated by his sleek elegance and grand figure! Moreover, he chose to grant them a full demonstration of his multiply abilities running in a very circle. The cows were merely fascinated by his movements and couldn’t get enough of him. The video started going viral throughout different social media platforms as the owner decided to put it online.

Even though the video was posted a long time ago and got millions of views, people still keep watching it. Please take a look at the video by yourself. Do not hesitate to let us know your opinion regarding the video and spread the video out to your friends and family if you want to make their day beautiful too.