Doctor Saves Horse’s Life By Unplugging Him With His Old Technique

Just like humans, horses are also exposed to several factors that can affect their health. Unfortunately, some health issues are impossible to prevent even if take extra care. They might be born with certain disabilities, which are also reflected in their performance compared to other horses. In some critical situations, there might be nothing we can do but at least we can try our best and pray for our horse health. And most importantly, we should not leave the situation to escalate but we should call the vet as soon as we figure out that something isn’t right with our horse’s health.

The main issue with horses is the fact that different doctors specialize in different areas. For some specific surgery, for example, people have to even move their lovely horses to another continent just so they fix the issue. Fortunately for our horse in the following video, the doctor who was working with his special case was very close to the owner. Well, just imagine if the doctor was nearby for the horse. Now let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about.

The horse in the video is named Storm. He had health problems and its owners were afraid of losing their precious animal. Luckily they knew about Dr. Pol and asked for help because they were desperate and wanted to do everything better for Storm. Dr. Pol has seen a lot of critical cases during his career with horses so he was the perfect choice to help the horse. In fact, the case of Storm was critical for sure and it would have been difficult for any doctor to take on the case since the horse was not able to even drink and eat.

The doctor is pretty famous for his “old-fashioned” approaches to veterinary medicine that are still relevant today. What makes Dr. Pol amazing is his knowledge and experience and people admire his work. In this video, the doctor is working on the digestive system of the horses and such cases might even put the horse in a very critical situation. It is so amazing to see the doctor saving the horse’s life. Please take a look at the video for more. Let us know your thoughts and do not forget to spread out the video to your loved ones on social media.