Owner Struggles To Get Her Naughty Pony Inside The Trailer

Maybe it is not fair to mention that horse riders usually try every single method to get their naughty horses inside the trailer but they mostly fail, however that’s the reality. We should also take into account that horses sometimes refuse to perform even simple tasks because every single horse has its own stubborn moment but the owner needs to find the right way of dealing with that. We’ve all dealt with stubborn horses that didn’t do what we told them to do. That’s what the following video is all about. We are gonna show you a hilarious video that presents the five easy steps to get your pony into the trailer.

Here are the five steps to get your pony into the trailer. First, you need to 1. pull the pony in, then you should 2. push it in. Afterward, you have to 3. try to pick him up but you should not forget to 4. feed him his favorite food. However, at the end of the story, you have to 5. just give up and call a friend.

“Just give up and call a friend” seems to be the only solution leftover to get your horse into the trailer. I’m pretty sure you can find all horse owners in this video who at least once struggled with this problem. Towing your horse can be stressful if you plan to tow it in the future so you can practice earlier too. While I believe that everyone who’s seen the video has already guessed what is the main solution to this problem. We have to say that this is an entertaining video and that that’s not the right way to load a horse onto the trailer.

The pony managed to get into the trailer in the end. We are not going to spoil this hilarious moment for you, I just wanted to warn you that you will be laughing out loud as you watch it. Please take a look at the video and let us know your opinion. Do you face such problems with your horse? Moreover, don’t forget to spread out the video to your loved ones on social media in order to make them laugh too.