Naughty Little Foal Freaks Out During The Horse Show

The lovely foal featured in the following video is a Haflinger horse named Blitz and he is only 21 days old. The video shows him during the Breeds Parade at the PA World Horse Show! Although it’s been a very long time since the video was released online, we have to accept that it has become very popular and liked by horse lovers all over the world.

You know what it feels like to have a newborn who just doesn’t respond at moments like this, but the mare in this video has shown that it’s best to keep calm throughout the process. He’s as playful as possible, but his mother, who is a very gentle mare, showed us that being patient and calm is the only solution when your baby starts becoming naughty. The reality shows that Haflinger horses are known in the horse world for their special color and temperament.

Haflinger horses are also called the “golden horse with a golden heart”, which gives us a great deal of knowledge about their characteristics. Haflinger horses are easily recognizable since they have a very unique color, however, they are also well-known for their calm nature and temperament. Haflinger’s temperament and nature seem to be very calm (not quite in this case), gentle and they can be trained very well without difficulty.

The little foal in our video seems to be very naughty though trying to get the attention of the audience. Take a look at the video for more and we would really appreciate your opinion Do not forget to spread the video out to your friends and family on social media in order to make their day beautiful too.