Horse Lost Both Eyes But Is Able To Live A Happy Life

The footage appears to be evocative. It depicts a stumbling blind horse who somehow manages to feel and walk unhindered.

While walking, the horse is aware of the tree and avoids it. Talking to a blind horse has proven to be an effective strategy, according to experts. Let it know where and what you’re doing, and it won’t be surprised by your presence. So we’re always chatting with our visually impaired friends. In the course of collaborating on a project with them. They also make frequent physical contact with them in order to reassure and inform them of our location.

Despite the owner’s constant assurances to the horse about her location, it’s amazing how much the owner of the horse speaks. Every horse, even a blind one, craves happiness and companionship. It’s up to the person who owns them to do so.

You can feed the blind horse grain, and it will try to take treats out of your pocket, and it will react to your footsteps. It will want to do the same things as sighted horses and enjoy it just as much because there is no difference.

Care for a blind horse is no more difficult than care for a sighted horse, which should be common knowledge to the public. In the end, there should be no reason why you can’t provide a loving and secure environment for your blind horse.

Have a look at the following video for more and let us know your thoughts!