Deer Meets Her Babies With Her Special Friend Dog

Animal kingdom offers the greatest, yet the most unusual friendships, but nothing beats this incredible bond between a Golden Retriever and a wild deer .Best friends for over a decade, these two very unlikely companions perfectly show what animal world is all about. Everyone meet GBro, the gentlest golden retriever, and his very best friend Buttons, a rescued deer!

11yearago, when GBro’s human, Lorrie learned a deer was hit by a car, she immediately offered to help, even though she had no idea how deal with it. However, she decided to foster the poor wild animal. But little did she know her noble gesture will eventually change the deer’s life and her dog’s too.

“When we first rescued Buttons, we had a friend that had raised a deer, and somebody called them and said a mama deer got injured,” Lorrie explained. “They called us and we gladly accepted…It took a lot of work, but our whole goal was to let her be wild, but also become a part of the family.”

After Buttons fully recovered, and the time came for her to be released back in the wild, Lorrie and her family were not too happy about it, since they all grew fond of the friendly deer, but they eventually accepted it.
Surprisingly, Buttons did not wanted to leave her adopting family, especially her great buddy GBro. So even after releasing her, the loyal deer continued to visit close friends. The year has passed and the rescued deer still enjoyed hanging out with his dog friend and cat. So everyone got used to the unexpected visits from Buttons.

But the most surprising visit was when the deer showed up with its two cubs by its side. Although the two fawns were only a few days old, Buttons wanted to introduce them to his closest friend and the family who saved his life. Unsurprisingly, GBro immediately fell in love with Buttons’ little ones and even helped her friend with her mothering duties.