40 Years Old Horse And His 58 Years Old Owner Are Still Going Strong Together

We all have many friends over the course of our lives, but only a select handful are actual friends who are willing to lend a hand when you need it. Friends can become just as important as family members at some point, and having friends like this is critical for everyone’s happiness. There are a lot of creatures who have proven to be some of our best friends as well, not just humans.

Dogs and cats are beloved pets for many individuals, and they’ve witnessed the positive impact they have had on their lives first-hand. The same is true for us, too. I believe we all like having horses in our lives because they are our closest companions. It only takes a horse ride to instantly make us feel better if we are feeling down, and I am very grateful that we have them to make us feel this way.

A fascinating friendship is depicted in the video below. Rough Terrain Farm in Vermont is where Donnie MacAdams, 58, lives. Waco Hanover, a retired Standardbred racehorse named Chocolate Sundae, is his closest companion. For the uninitiated, this means that Waco has been around for a full century!

A tidbit of trivia for everyone to enjoy. Every horse in North America celebrates their birth on January 1st. I didn’t know about that! You may look into Waco’s pedigree to learn more about his illustrious lineage. Waco wasn’t eating when he was first adopted by MacAdams. After spending a lot of time together, they built a friendship.

In the eight years since then, they’ve become inseparable and haven’t slept apart once. What a great bond between these two people. I feel honored to be associated with the equestrian community after reading this.

Check the video below!