A Young Man Quits His Job And Dedicates His Life To Saving Wild Animals

Unfortunately these days humans appear to overlook the existence of nature. All they care is mostly cash and due to that greed we are destroying the place that gave us everything we have in our lives – planet Earth. We’re all aware about the climate change effects, we’re all witnesses to the flora and fauna mass extinction and we do nothing.

Luckily enough, there’s nevertheless hope, due to the fact there are nevertheless a few humans accessible who love wild animals so much, they could do something to shield them. And this younger guy is the suitable instance of what real consciousness and involvement means.

Dean Schneider is a 26-year-old animal lover from Zurich, Switzerland. Since he was very young, Dean found out to like and appreciate the wildlife. And years ago, for his passion and love for nature, Dean made the most important choice of his life.

He determined to surrender his prestigious job, he offered the whole thing and moved to South Africa, to contribute on saving wild animals. Here, Dean began out the assignment he dreamed about – Hakuna Mipaka. A location wherein rescued wild animals are being cared of. A heaven on Earth for lions, zebras, hyenas or even baboons who have been pressured to stay in depressing conditions. The call of the location means ‘no limits’ in Swahili dialect and so are Dean’s plans: limitless!

Check the video below!