Excavator Rescued Horse After He Got Stuck In The Mud

In this video, a horse gets trapped in mud or cement. Do you know what to do? It’s unfortunate, but fortunately, there are others who are willing to aid those in need. Someone assisted in the removal of this horse from the cement using a crane.

A horse’s ability to injure itself is uncanny. It can happen in the most bizarre of ways. Because of the suction from the mud or cement, it may be impossible to raise a horse up after it has lain down in a puddle to cool off.

In the event that a horse becomes stranded in the mud or cement, immediately contact for help (911 in the United States). Horses are predators that prey on other animals. For thousands of years, they’ve been able to stay alive by evading predators. Trying to free a horse stuck in mud is an exhausting task that will likely result in death. Muscle strain, shattered bones, or even death might result from an injury. Approach from the back, away from the horse’s legs, if the horse is resting on its side. Approach him from the side if he is erect and his rear end is stuck.

Waiting for assistance, keep the horse quiet. As far as possible, the horse should remain quiet and avoid going into circulatory shock. When the heart and blood vessels fail to provide enough oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues, it causes a condition known as circulating shock. You could die very soon from it.

A solid surface will be provided for the horse’s traction as soon as assistance arrives. The board could be a rescue board sold by a company or it could be a simple piece of plywood. Gravel may be necessary in some instances. However, a horse should never be dragged by its tail, legs, or neck. Straps will be placed around the horse’s barrel if the rescue team wishes to hoist the horse. Equipment such as a crane or backhoe is used to fasten the straps. Lifting the horse out of the muck will follow. This is normally done with the horse sedated.